Can i get a quote over the phone?

Unfortunately not. Due to the number of variables involved when it comes to vehicle damage, we need to see the vehicle to provide an accurate estimate. We can provide you with a rough estimate if you send us a photo via the contact form on our website, but we will still need to see the car before a final estimate.

How much will it cost me to repair my car?

If you are not at fault, the you will most likely not have to pay a cent. However, if you are at fault, then you will be required to pay your insurance excess to repair both your car and the other parties car. If you are uninsured and at fault, contact us today to arrange a free quote.

Can the quote amount for my repairs change?

Since quotes are based upon a visual inspection, there could be further damage found upon disassembling your vehicle. In such an event, you will be notified immediately of any impact upon the quotation.


I've just had an accident, what should i do now?

If you have had a car accident, check if there are any injuries or property damage. Call the police to lodge a report and remain calm. You will need to exchange details with the other parties and witnesses including names and addresses for insurance purposes. Then you can contact us or book an appointment online to start the repair process.


What is the best time to drop off my vehicle?

First thing in the morning is best, as this means we can start working on your car sooner.

How will i know when my vehicle is ready?

We will endeavor to contact you with regular updates on your cars repair process. As soon as your car is finished and ready, we will let you know.

Where is my vehicle stored?

Your vehicle is stored on our locked, alarmed premises.

I can't collect my car...can you deliver it to me?

Yes. If you are using one of our loan vehicles during your car repair and are unable to make it in to the shop to collect your vehicle after it has been repaired, we can deliver your vehicle to you.

Do you provide loan/courtesy cars?

Yes. We have a small range of courtesy cars available for you to use should you need one. Simply let us know prior to delivering your vehicle so that we can have one arranged for you.


Are you an approved repairer for my insurance company?

Yes, Fuller Bros Bodyworks does work for all insurance companies.

Can i choose my repairer?

Some insurance companies will give you the choice of choosing the smash repairer you would like to work with and others stipulate who will repair your vehicle. However, under Australian Law, you have the right to choose your own vehicle repairer besides the insurers recommended one. Read our article to find out why you should choose us as your repairer for insurance claims.

What can i do if the other (at fault) party is not insured?

If the other party is not covered by insurance, you have the option to make a claim through your own insurer. You can also choose to settle things privately with the other party, but this can sometimes be a difficult task.


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, EFTPOS, bank cheques and Cash.

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