Stone Chip Repair

Stone chips are something that’s often inevitable and hard to avoid, especially if you drive a lot. We offer a range of solutions for this.

Step 1: Initial Contact & Quote

Send us a few pictures either via our contact form or via Facebook messenger. We can then suggest the whether it is best to give you a touch up bottle with your paint colour, or whether the entire bumper is better off being resprayed. We can also give you an indicative cost and time frame for the work.

Step 2: Formal Inspection & Quote

After getting in contact with us online, we will arrange a time for you to come in to the shop to have a more detailed assessment of the damage. At this point, we can provide you with a detailed written quote and arrange a time for you to leave your vehicle with us.

Step 3: Begin Work

Repairs for this type of damage typically take no more than a few days at worst. If you choose to purchase a DIY colour pot to apply yourself, you can collect this once we call you without needing to leave your car with us.

Step 4: Collection

Once we have completed your vehicle's repair, we will contact you to arrange collection.

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